Dedicated to Community Engagement and Enrichment

Here at Global Leaders Guild, our mission is to assess and meet the needs and concerns of your urban community. We are dedicated to the progressive advancement of our society through prepensive programming geared toward the betterment and growth of your community.

Youth Mentorship and Development #Reach2Teach

Community-based programming is a premier aspect of Global Leaders Guild organization. Built on a community development model, Global Leaders Guild prides itself on being a hub and collective of organizations dedicated to under-served/under-represented groups.

Business Entrepreneurship and Development

#Reach2Teach programming invites youth to become empowered by mentorship, financial literacy and business entrepreneurial development to help create the next generational wave of impactful leaders!

All Access Africa and PanAfrican Diaspora

Focusing on the African Continent and the African Diaspora movement through education, collaboration and business venture.

GLOBAL LEADERS GUILD is a charitable organization

As with most programming by a not-for-profit organization, it takes the warm and kind-hearted generous support of donors just like you to continue the fight for societal progression of causes that we all care about. Whether small or sizable, we appreciate what you give to help us continue providing!.

$10,100.00 of $50,000.00 raised

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